Ark7 Investment Features

We help make confident investment decisions

Usually, people evaluate investments from these perspectives:

Investment Asset Class
A diverse portfolio will reduce your risks significantly. Remember not only diverse investing real estate properties but also the investment types.
Investment Tool
A well-designed investment tool should allow you to control your investments easily and confidently while also providing comprehensive analysis data.
Investment Returns
Our top notch data analysis of all potential investments provide all necessary information to make a very qualified decision on what has the best returns.
Investment Risks
A brilliant platform should let you clearly understand risk factors and use the right structures to avoid typical business risks.

How Ark7 Makes Investing Easier

Real Estate Properties

Real estate is a type of brilliant companion investments to common stocks, based on its
  • Historical strong performance
  • Proportional appreciation with global economics
  • Low volatility

Returns and Exits

We keep the returns straightforward and provide flexible ways for investors to exit.
  • Clear net rental incomes
  • Earn the future appreciations

Property Management

We set clear operating plans to manage all the properties in one place. We keep optimizing our systems to improve efficiency.
  • Clear performance management
  • Clear operating plans
  • Centralized management
  • Transparent disclosures
  • Ark7 renters app

User Interface

We design the investment product to make real estate investment as simple as buying stocks.
  • Stock-like investment interface

Legal Structures

We design the legal structures to improve efficiency and reduce the typical risks in typical REITs investment platforms.
  • Direct access
  • No fund management fees

Property Selection

We choose properties ultimately from an investor’s perspective. We focus on long term returns, as we have advantages in relationships, capitals, and professional knowledge.
  • Return oriented property selection
  • Complete due diligence
  • Full inspections
  • Deal negotiation
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