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Feature Categories

Easy-to-use Interface
A user familiar interface allows you to make investment decisions easily and confidently.
One-stop Portal
A one-stop portal manages everything to ensure an effortless and secure investment experience.
Innovative Systems
We believe there is always room for improvement, therefore, we never stop improving our systems to ensure your investment experience with Ark7 is amazing.

Our System Design

Stock-like Investment Interface

A stock-like investment interface that gives you an easy-to-use dashboard and full control over your investments.
  • See different properties as different “stocks”
  • Full disclosure of each properties financials for easy personal analysis
  • Easy to place subscribe (buy) or sell orders through the platform
  • Complete dashboard to view your account positions, distributions, and orders

Standard Disclosures Structure

We standardized the disclosures structure to provide an easy and clear way for you to understand the current status accurately.
  • Financial statements are accessible through the platform
  • Annual financial reports are accessible from the SEC portal
  • Operating statements are broken down into detailed categories
  • All essential documents are accessible through the platform

Connected Systems

We have multiple systems designed to maximize our investors' long term returns.
  • The investment system aggregates bookkeeping, accounting, and securitization
  • The property sourcing system helps the team locate the best investment opportunities
  • The property management system allows the manager to maintain the properties easily and efficiently

Renters App

Ark7 Renters App provides the most flexibility for our tenants who live in the properties.
  • Signing contracts, submitting applications and making payments can all be done online
  • All ticket requests are tracked by the advanced system
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