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Choose your favorite property and buy property shares as easily as trading stocks.
Ark7 is a financial technology company. Brokerage services provided by Dalmore Group, LLC; Member of FINRA and SIPC.
Start investing in real estate at as little as $5.4 per share.
Earn stable monthly rental income and future appreciation.
Why Ark7

Easy access

Invest as little as $5.4 in the hottest real estate markets without having to participate in bidding wars.

Earn passive income

Your investments gain rental and appreciation income, while we handle property management and tax preparations.

No hidden costs

We display the financial data of our properties so you can make well-informed decisions about your investments.

Smart investments

You can choose to invest in multiple properties to diversify your portfolio.

Flexible exit options

Sell your shares to others by placing your asking price based on the current market value.
After the anticipated holding period, and subject to liquidity and compliance with the transfer restrictions described in our Operating Agreement and Offering Circular, you may exit by selling your shares to other investors based on future market price.
How it works

Invest Confidently

Based on your financial situation, you cherry-pick properties you like and decide how many shares to subscribe to.

Hold Effortlessly

Ark7 manages properties, and the holding company distributes the rental and debt income to investors every month.

Exit Flexibly

Real estate is a long term investment which may hold for years, but you can sell shares through multiple ways when the market changes.
  • Earn appreciations when selling to others at the market price
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