Choose a property, Earn your profits.
A Stock-like Real Estate Investment Platform
Co-invest with us in equitized properties, costing as low as $500 per share.
Earn stable monthly dividends and future appreciation to grow your wealth.

Invest in real estate as easy as buying stocks

Diversified Portfolio, Low Investment
Ark7 lets you invest in shares of real estate at a financial level that matches your comfort level.
Clear Dividends, Long Term Appreciation
Ark7 results in clear monthly dividends from the rental of our properties and long term growth based on the property’s appreciation over time.
Simple Buy and Sell Platform
Ark7 features a simple and secure buy and sell platform with all necessary data to make informed decisions about expanding or liquidating your investments.
How it works

Invest Confidently

Based on your financial situation, you cherry-pick properties you like and decide how many shares to subscribe to.

Hold Effortlessly

Ark7 manages properties, and the holding company distributes the rental and debt income to investors every month.

Exit Flexibly

Real estate is a long term investment which may hold for years, but you can sell shares through multiple ways when the market changes.
  • No loss when selling to the company at the purchase price
  • Earn appreciations when selling to others at the market price
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