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Now you can use your IRA to buy real estate. Own tangible property that appreciates over time.
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Yes, if you:
Like investing in your future
Believe real estate is an asset worth having
Enjoy being in control of your finances
Want stable returns

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How do I start investing on Ark7 with an IRA?+
There are three steps:
  1. Open an IRA on Ark7
  2. Fund your new IRA by transferring funds from an existing IRA and/or making a contribution from a bank account.
  3. Invest in property shares.
What is the fee schedule for investing using my IRA?+
There is no fee to open an IRA. Our IRA Custodian provider, Millennium Trust Company, charges a $100 annual fee per property you invest in. This fee is capped at $400 per year.
If your average account balance exceeds $100,000, your annual IRA fee will be waived.
How do I fund my IRA on Ark7?+
If you’d like to invest through an IRA, you can fund the account in two ways:
  1. Make a new contribution with money from your external bank account if you haven’t met your annual contribution limit.
  2. Transfer money from your existing IRA.
What is an IRA Custodian?+
An IRA Custodian is a licensed financial institution that holds your investments for safekeeping and ensures that all IRS and government regulations are adhered to. Ark7 partners with Millennium Trust Company to provide IRA Custodian services.
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